10 Lunch Box Ideas for Kids

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It’s back to school – waking your kids up early, getting them ready, dealing with their homework, and of course, worrying about what they’re going to have for lunch. While school canteens usually offer a good range of food for kids to choose from, it’s generally safer and cheaper to have them bring packed lunches, especially for younger kids. Break out of the plain sandwich-and-an-apple combo and take a look at these fun, creative, yummy and best of all, healthy lunch box ideas for kids. They’ll have even the pickiest of your brood polishing everything off soon as the lunch bell rings!

What to Use

The best containers to pack your kids lunches in are recyclable ones. Look for food containers or lunch boxes that are airtight, leak-proof and durable. Kids are always on the go, and lunch boxes are often knocked around a lot. Light, plastic containers that are made from PVC-, BPA- and phthalate-free materials and that are dishwasher safe are the safest and most convenient.

Lunch containers with dividers are great for neatly organising what your kids will eat, plus there are ready-made bento boxes if you want to get fancy. On the other hand, lunch containers with no dividers give you more flexibility and creativity. Instead, you can use things like baking cups, smaller containers or edibles like crackers or bread slices when you want to put dividers.

Kids love variety and food that looks fun to eat. You can use cookie cutters, jelly/gelatine moulds, swizzle sticks, and anything you can find among your baking supplies go a long way towards jazzing up a kid’s lunch. You can do this for special occasions or as a surprise treat if you don’t have the time to get creative every morning.

Lunch Box Ideas

Check out this round-up of some of the best, tastiest lunches! Just click on each photo or follow the link for full instructions and more easy recipes to make your kids happy!

Get this mini-chicken and vegetable platter recipe plus more from Australia’s food community taste.com.au.
Really interesting bento lunches, like this one from parenting.com, will always make lunch a memorable time!
“Pack lunches fast, green and healthy” with these ideas from Easy Lunch Boxes.
Themed lunches like these ones from anotherlunch.com keep lunch from being boring!
Consider making yummy bentos weekly for your kids like Wendolonia did here!
Take a look at these alternative lunch ideas for kids who don’t like sandwiches from Childhood 101.
Here’s a whole lot of kid-friendly lunch recipes from KidSpot!
Decorate kids’ lunches while keeping them healthy like these ideas from 100 Days of Real Food.
Who says you can’t go a bit gourmet with packed lunches, like this project from Family Fresh Cooking?
Make complete, healthy lunch sets like this one from Planning with Kids!

We sell a wide range of sturdy lunch boxes in fun designs and prints, perfect for the school-age child and convenient for parents. If you have any more ideas for kids’ lunches, feel free to let us know in the comments section below!

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