5 Creative Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

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5 Creative Christmas Table Decoration Ideas, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings A few days to go before Christmas! So you’ve probably put up the Christmas tree and all those decorative stuff at home, and maybe you’ve already done shopping for holiday gifts and all. Now it’s time you think of dressing up your dinner table for the holidays, which, like many other typical Christmas activities, also requires some skill and creativity.

When it comes to Christmas table decorations, there’s really no limit, except for your imagination. Keep in mind as well that Christmas table decorating doesn’t have to be a costly endeavour. What matters is to choose a theme that matches your home interior and style. If you don’t know where to start, check out this short list of Christmas table decoration ideas that we’ve compiled. These table decoration ideas are creative enough to spruce up your table for the festivity, but you can adapt or combine them to give your Christmas table setting a touch of your personal style.

santa1. Set up a winter village. Sure, Christmas in Australia coincides with the summer season, but who won’t love a winter theme for the holidays? Use a bright red table runner, tablecloth or anything that adds a festive look to your table setting. Then using whatever Christmas village pieces you have at home, set up a wonderful winter village at the centre of the table. Use colourful plates and dishes to match the festive theme, and hang some snowflakes from the ceiling as a nice finishing touch. Get more inspiration on how to do this from The Inspired Edge.

natural christmas table setting2. Pick a natural style table setting. An eco-friendly theme will allow you and your guests to feel closer to nature this Christmas. For Christmas table decorations, use neutral colours and natural materials made of wood, metal and natural fabrics like cotton. Homemade candles, wooden miniature Christmas trees, snowflakes, snowballs as well as wooden utensils and dishes are  all ideal to add an eco-friendly style to your table setting. You can also create an atmosphere with lots of greens by using plants as table centrepieces. Check out more eco-friendly Christmas table decoration ideas from the Lushome.

green table setting3. Go green. Red and green are the staple colours of the holidays, but sticking to green alone makes a fantastic option for table decorating. For an elegant, relaxing vibe, use green plates and gold-rimmed goblets on a clean white tablecloth. This table decorating style will work well, too, with any green centrepiece, like a miniature Christmas tree, Christmas wreath, big green candles, etc. For a stylish Christmas table setting that exudes a bit of luxury, complement a green tablecloth or table runner with elegant glassware and dinnerware that are of neutral colours.

angel theme table setting4. Opt for angel-theme decorating. Isn’t it lovely to enjoy Christmas meals with your loved ones surrounded by images of heavenly creatures? Use handmade or store-bought Christmas angel ornaments for eye-catching table decors or centrepieces. To achieve a more heavenly atmosphere, decorate your chairs with angel wings. The presence of beautiful white roses and other flowers will add a lovely effect to the heavenly table setting. The classic white and silver combination is perfect for this festive decoration style, too, so bring out your silver dinnerware and goblets and arrange them nicely on the table, alongside simple angel table napkins. Check out more angel-theme decorating ideas from the Purple Chocolat Home.

beach style table setting5. Enjoy a summer-perfect table setting. This table decoration style suits Aussie Christmas celebrations perfectly. Summer is fun, so instead of opting for the traditional red and green, make use of bright, exciting colours like yellow and hot orange. A tablecloth with lovely stripes of summer colours will complement stainless steel cutlery and colourful serving bowls and dishes. You may also choose to blend any summer-related theme, e.g. beachy motifs, with your Christmas decorations. For a more detailed summer-inspired Christmas table setting, check out this lovely post from Checks and Spots.


So what is your favourite Christmas table setting? Do you dress up your Christmas dinner table in an elegant, casual or kid-friendly style? Feel free to share your thoughts below! Happy holidays!

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