6 Easy Props for Setting a Scary Halloween Table

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6 Easy Props for Setting a Scary Halloween Table, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings Halloween drink decoration

What’s a Halloween party without some hair-raising decorations to make dining and partying a blast? We’ve put together a list of some of the easiest, budget-friendly ways you can spruce up your table for this season of ghoulish good fun!

1. Use tiered cake stands to hold decorations. You can arrange several pumpkins of different sizes on a tiered cake stand and use the whole thing as a centerpiece. For a better effect, spray the pumpkins with metallic paint or sprinkle glitter on them. Don’t limit yourself to pumpkins, either – orange and yellow flowers, origami and other decorative items will all look great artfully displayed on a cake rack.

2. Turn cheap or damaged white pantyhose into cobwebs. Simply stretch and carefully pull lengths of white pantyhose and you’ll have realistic-looking cobwebs that you can drape over candlesticks, mantles, centerpieces and corners of a room. Glue a couple of fake spiders on them to up the “ick” factor.

3. Drape furniture with white or black sheets/pieces of cloth. Even curtains will do, as long as you’re not particular about getting them dirty during a party. A room with furniture draped in all-white or all-black not only brings a Halloween theme together but also makes for a very creepy atmosphere.

4. Make hollowed-out pumpkins or squashes multi-functional. Carve the surfaces or decorate them with black bows or artificial flowers then use them to serve punch, fruit juice, dip or candy containers. They can even be filled with ice and used to hold bottled beverages. You can place them on the dining table or in strategic locations like the mantel or corners of the room.

5. Fill old rum bottles or other unique-looking bottles and carafes with rootbeer, grape juice or red wine and group a few of them together for an interesting and “bloody” focal point. Drape fake cobwebs on them and allow guests to help themselves to these drinks.

6. Rip and stretch cheesecloth to use as table runners, tablecloths or curtains. The more yellowed or frayed the cheesecloth looks, the better. Hang them from curtain rods, drape them over mantles or use them to make your dining table look antique and vampire-y. Wrap candlesticks and wine bottles with pieces of cheesecloth to “mummify” them, or to bring some life (or death) to other decorations.


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