6 Fantastic Summer Dessert Recipes

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How time flies quickly indeed — it’s now the last month of the year! And as they say, ’tis the season to be jolly! The festive season is finally here, and summer has just begun — now that gives us plenty of reasons to celebrate, right?

Summer, of course, is not the most convenient among the 4 seasons, and yet it’s that time of the year that many people look forward to. The reason is simple: summer is fun! It’s the perfect time to travel and hit the beach, go on picnics, or simply spend time with family and friends. Most people also love organising summer parties during this bustling period of the year.

Speaking of summer parties, here we’ve prepared a short list of classic summer dessert recipes that you can try for your next warm weather get-together. These cool summer treats offer a great finale to any summer party, and these give you a practical way to use up all those extra summer fruits you’ve been keeping at home. With relatively easy processes and flavourful results, these seasonal and fruit-filled desserts will surely be a hit for summer entertaining!

Summer Berry Pavlova

01Considered a national dish, the pavlova is a favourite all-year round but is often associated with the summertime. This classic summer dessert features layers of meringue decorated with a topping of whipped cream and soft fruits like raspberries, strawberries, and passion fruits. For a cool treat to impress your family and summer party guests, try this sweet, light and fresh summer berry pavlova from the Pastry Affair.

Raspberry Lime Yogurt Tart

02Raspberries are popular summer fruits, which is one reason they’re often featured in many summer recipes. This raspberry tart recipe is one example. The classic fruit tart features a bit sweet crust with creamy yogurt as filling and delectable raspberries as topping. The combination of honey and lime in the yogurt filling gives this summer treat a pleasant kick. Check out this refreshing Raspberry Lime Yogurt Tart recipe from the Food 52.

Chocolate and Raspberry Trifle

03Here’s another summer treat that makes use of raspberries. What makes this summer dessert perfect for parties is that it always makes for a beautiful presentation. Whether you present it in a large trifle bowl or make individual servings in glasses, this raspberry trifle won’t fail to impress. The process is also quite simple, without the need to cook or bake anything. Check out our related blog post on chocolate and raspberry trifle, a party-worthy treat ideal for both Christmas and summer.

Strawberry Panna Cotta

04There is nothing complicated in making panna cotta, a classic Italian dessert that is made with gelatine, milk, cream, sugar and vanilla. Creamy and deliciously light, panna cotta is so refreshing that makes it a wonderful treat on sweltering days of summer. You’ll find it great to pair with popular summer fruits like strawberries, too. Check out this awesome strawberry panna cotta recipe from the Home Cooking Adventure.

Blueberry Pie

05Blueberries abound during summertime, which means you’ve got plenty of reasons to make blueberry desserts at home. Blueberry pies are among the most frequently made desserts from this juicy summer fruit. This classic dessert is great for summer entertaining or for simply satisfying your sweet tooth. See how easy it is to make with this blueberry pie recipe from Betty Crocker.

Summer Berry Tiramisu

06Summer desserts are supposed to be fresh and light, and this summer berry tiramisu dish will make a lovely example. This refreshing twist to the Italian classic features soft layers of sponge combined with sweet tangy blueberries and raspberries and covered in delicious mascarpone cream. Check out this unique summer berry tiramisu from Gourmet Traveller.

So how do you find these refreshing summer treats? Have you tried making them at home? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below!
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