6 Zoodle Recipes for Healthy Eating

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They’re fresh, raw, all-natural, affordable, easy to make and light on the stomach. They’re zoodles.

The name may sound like somebody misspelled something, but zoodles are no joke. The new big thing in healthy living, zoodles are part of the noodle trend, meaning curly strips of vegetables made with a few twists of a slicer or spiraliser. In this case, zucchini. Taking the place of carb-rich pasta noodles, zoodles have found their niche as a substitute in all sorts of recipes, from soups to appetisers to mains, either raw or cooked. Mixed with a variety of other ingredients, zoodles are delicious, flavourful, cheap and best of all, packed full of nutrients.

We rounded up some favourite zoodle dishes you can make right on your countertop. With a handy peeler, a good vegetable slicer or spiraliser, these yummy zoodle dishes are sure to satisfy!

Zoodle Fettuccini

zoodle fettuccine

Zoodle Miso Ramen

zoodle ramen

Zucchini Pad Thai

zoodle pad thai

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    1. DJ Foodie  says:

      Hey, thanks for sharing my recipe. Zoodles are absolutely the bee’s knees! 😉

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