Global Knives: Continuing the Legacy

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Global Knives: Continuing the Legacy, 3.0 out of 5 based on 263 ratings It’s been almost 30 years since Global changed the face of professional cutlery with its line of uniquely designed, all-stainless steel knives of superb quality and razor sharpness.

Since then, chefs and home cooks all over the world have enjoyed the precise cutting edge and long-lasting construction present in the two lines of Global knives.

Because of the fine craftmanship of their products, Global has established a name for itself as a leader in world-class cutlery for the past three decades.

A 30-Year Comeback

Now, for the first time since 1985, Global is once again taking the cooking industry by storm with a new range of knives, created by no other than Komin Yamada, Global’s first designer! Named Global Sai, these knives feature a softer and rounder form, made with more modern materials and finished according to the company’s standards of excellent Japanese quality.

According to Yamada, he took his inspiration for these new knives from the natural world, with a focus on the virtues found in the traditional Japanese bushido code, or the Samurai “way of the warrior.” The name Sai roughly translates to, “striking” or “colourful” as a description for a person or characteristic. True to its name, Global Sai knives have been designed to make nothing less than a striking impression.

New Knives, New Design, Better Performance

Global Sai Santoku Knife 19cmWhile the previous Global knives were made from a single piece of Global’s patented CroMoVa 18, twice-tempered steel, the new Global Sai knives are 3-steel knives. The two outer layers are crafted from a softer steel alloy called 18/8, with the handle and edge featuring CroMoVa 18 – a stainless steel alloy that is a combination of chrome, Molybdenum and Vanadium. This means that a Global Sai knife is more rust-proof than ever, and with its seamless construction from blade to handle, is virtually indestructible and will last for years.

Each knife is individually hammered, creating air pockets that prevent food from sticking to the blade during slicing, and reducing drag, cutting down considerably on prep time. Global Sai knives also boast a better, ergonomic thumb grip for ease of use and a relaxed grip, meaning less effort for users. And while the classic Global knives have double-ground edges at 15 degrees, Global Sai knives provide even more accuracy with finely-honed edges of 12.5 degrees – they stay sharper for longer, so there’s no need for frequent knife sharpening. Each Global Sai knife is finished with a signature red, stylised kanji sign on the blade and seven dots on the handle to reflect the seven Samurai priniciples of honour and morality.

All Global knives, including the Sai knives, are perfectly balanced with sea sand and are hand-polished to a mirror finish, making each piece truly unique. Global’s commitment to form and function combined, as well as its innovation has once again proved that it has not lost its touch, but in fact, has gotten much better with time!

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