How to Celebrate Australia Day!

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Australia Day Fireworks

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!

Oi! Oi! Oi!

The ways to celebrate Australia Day are as diverse as the citizens that comprise this great nation. Whatever your poison may be, be it a barbecue with friends, a day at the beach, a lazy day at home or drinks at a pub, there are plenty of ways to bask in all that it means to be Australian!

Here are a few of our favourite ideas!

Australia Day Beach Fun

Australia Day Activities

  • Are you wanting to attend an official event? If so, look up what your state is doing to mark the occasion. Whether you’re celebrating in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Tasmania, Darwin or Adelaide, there is plenty on offer, so get to celebrating with your fellow statesmen! If you want to stay closer to home, check your local shire or council to see what’s on offer!
  • Throw a barbecue in the comfort of your own home surrounded by your nearest and dearest or attend a friend’s barbecue soiree! Few things are as classic Australiana as snags on a barbie, so bring your eskies, cool drink and enjoy the day with all those who make living in Australia that much more enjoyable for you. And if the home you’re at happens to have a pool – even better!
  • Go and celebrate at a pub. All over Australia pubs get into the patriotic spirit with most throwing their own celebrations. This is a great, relaxed option that requires little preparation, but is guaranteed to be lots of fun!
  • Have a beach bonanza! In the stink of the January heat, if you aren’t lucky enough to own your own pool, the lure of beach is strong. Take a picnic basket, blanket, chairs and plenty of sunscreen and enjoy the wonders of the world’s best beaches!
Australia Day Clothing

Dress Up For Australia Day

It can be as subtle as a press-on Australian flag tattoo or as extravagant as being head to toe in Aussie colours with your face painted, but dressing up in Australiana themed outfits definitely adds to the festivity of this much loved holiday.

Colour schemes to choose from:

  • The colours of the Australian flag! Put together your best red, white and blue outfit, throw in a few stars and no one will be able to doubt your Aussie pride!
  • Take on the uniform our talented athletes wear at the Olympics and other events when representing Australia with a wattle yellow and eucalyptus green ensemble!
  • Pay homage to our rich history and the countries founders by donning the black, red and yellow colours of the Aboriginal flag!


Australian and Aboriginal Flags

Fly the Flag

Get into the patriotic spirit by proudly displaying your flags off the tops of you car, waving proudly at the front of your home, held above your head in a crowd, emblazoned on your t-shirt or to stuck to a wall inside your home. Choose from the Australian National flag, the Aboriginal flag, Torres Strait Islander flag or other Australian flags.

Australia Day BBQ

Delight in Australian Cuisine

There is no better day of the year to indulge in classic Australian foods than the 26th of January. Throw some sausages and shrimps on the barbie, bake up a storm with lamingtons, pavlova and festive shaped biscuits or eat a meat pie with sauce. For the daring among you, dabble in Australian delicacies like cooked widgity grub, kangaroo and crocodile meat, or make your own damper bread!


Get into the Competitive Spirit

Australian’s have garnered quite the reputation for being competitively talented sports people over the years, so what better way to honour this then with a little back yard sports showing? From cricket, to footy, beach volleyball, tennis and even a rousing game of Marco Polo, play for pride against great mates!

So whether you were born on Aussie soil or travelled here by train, plane or automobile, whatever you do, surround yourself with family and friends this Australia Day and take pride in our fantastic nation, of beauty rich and rare!


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