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Kleenmaid Appliances now available at KitchenwareDirect!, 3.8 out of 5 based on 13 ratings kleenmaid_1000Kleenmaid – one of Australia’s most iconic brands in appliances, and the preferred choice of over 530,000 households in the country. With a commitment to unparalleled quality that the brand has always been known for, Kleenmaid brings modern elegance, high performance and exceptional value to the market in its “Next Generation” series. We sat down with Danny Hamilton, CEO of Kleenmaid, to find out more about the company’s philosophies and its vision for our new partnership.

Interview with Danny Hamilton from Kleenmaid

Why did you buy the brand Kleenmaid?

“My wife Cyndee and I have had Kleenmaid appliances in each of our homes for over 20 years. We have moved three times during this period. We have had 7 children, so every Kleenmaid appliance we have owned has had a reasonably tough life. Never have we been disappointed with any of the appliances, so when the chance came to acquire the brand we did our research and went for it.”

What is your vision for the company?

One of the great things when we bought Kleenmaid appliances for our home was the reassurance we felt with the experience and knowledge of the Kleenmaid salespeople. If you look at my blog post, “retail is not what it should be,” I speak there about how disappointing the experience of buying things can be today. I want to create a vision within our team to bring back the good old days of great customer service and make buying Kleenmaid appliances a fantastic experience. That’s one reason why we have joined forces with KWD, you guys have the same vision.

What is your favourite appliance? Why?

That’s a hard one, but if I have to pick one it would be the combi steam oven. You can just do everything in it, veggies, fish, meat, cakes, bread just everything. The meals you cook come out with unbelievable taste, colour and texture and it is so quick. You can steam roast a chicken and vegetables to perfection in 55 minutes. It is so good and great value.

Do you have Kleenmaid in your own home?

Sure do and always have.

What is the company service culture built on?

It is based on my vision of making sure the Kleenmaid experience is a great one. We trust our service contractors will do more than is expected, be on time, be clean, be reliable and be polite, and above all, that their technical ability is second to none.

Why did you decide to sell Kleenmaid online with KWD?

I think I answered this in the other question, but we looked long and hard and from what we can tell KWD have the same philosophy as we do. Sell top products with excellent value and above all make it a great experience, hassle free and a delight.

What do you see as the future in technology for these products?

Well that’s a great question. Already we have cooktop technology in our current collection that can do “auto cooking,” meaning it can bring a pot to the boil, return it to the simmer and cook for 20 minutes. We are working on ovens that have preprogramed auto cooking functions in them and materials that are recyclable and great for the environment.

Kleenmaid Design and Warranty

Kleenmaid’s appliance collection is designed, engineered and made in Europe through a global network of industry professionals working together to come up with products guaranteed to last a lifetime. The company employs the “European Kitchen Studio Model,” selling their products in showrooms through kitchen and cabinet makers across Australia instead of the traditional stock-and-buy retail method. All Kleenmaid appliances are covered by a 2-year parts and labour warranty, supported by a highly-trained national service network.

Check out our range of Kleenmaid products and get ready to equip your kitchen well in both style and function!

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