MasterChef Australia 2013: The Professionals

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The contestants of MasterChef: The Professionals (Photo from MasterChef’s Official Website)

Why watch MasterChef Australia 2013?

The country’s hottest cooking show brings excitement back to reality television with MasterChef: The Professionals. Featuring an all-pro cast in a brand-new, custom-built kitchen in Melbourne, this season pits 18 professional chefs from all over Australia against each other in a series of high-octane cooking battles. The show follows an all-new format and promises to be bigger, more intense, with fiercer challenges.

MasterChef: The Professionals teams up MasterChef mainstay judge Matt Preston and culinary giant Marco Pierre White as co-hosts. The grand winner gets the opportunity of a lifetime: to experience working with the best chefs, restaurants and kitchens all over the world, plus a cash prize.

The 18 contestants are a diverse group, from chefs with years of professional cooking experience under their belts to younger chefs just starting out in the industry.

Who to watch?

From New South Wales are Cameron Bailey, 26,  Luke Southwood, 43, Tracey Holderness, 47, Bonny Porter, 23, Akuc Isaac Chol, 27, Nathan Brindle, 23, Sarah Knights, 27, Nick Whitehouse, 41, Cassie Delves, 19, Coop Woodstone, 37, Chrissie Flanagan, 33.

Contestants rom Queensland are Kiah Blanco, 27,  Anthony Bantoft, 33, Rhett Willis, 33, Matty McKenzie, 25.

From Victoria are Kylie McAllester,  27, and Michael Demagistris, 31. Contestant Rhys Badcock, 29, hails from both New South Wales and Western Australia.

When to watch?

MasterChef: The Professionals airs its season premiere on Sunday, January 20, 2013 at 7:30 p.m., only on Channel TEN.

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Take a look at this teaser video of MasterChef: The Professionals!

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    One Response to MasterChef Australia 2013: The Professionals

    1. Anna (Giuliani) Muscat  says:

      i love watching Masterchef. I very much like watching Masterchef the Professionals. What an honour for all the chefs on the show to be working with Marco Pierre White. Could you imagine how great that would look on your resume when looking for a new restaurant to work at.
      I hope all the professionals do well. I do like Michael, and hope he does well. He deserves to win after that epic jinner challenge he had with Cameron. Cameron was the only chef that went to shake Marco and Matts hand and exchange a few words before leaving the show. He is young and he will do well.
      All the best to the Top 10, but hope Michael wins. Do Victoria proud, after all we are the state wih the best restaurants and the best food.

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