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Father’s Day. It’s that special time of the year when we honour our first real heroes: our fathers. Kids young and old alike find ways to make this day truly memorable for their dads. Some opt to make personalised gifts and cards to make their dads feel loved and appreciated. Others plan trips, taking their fathers to their favourite places or dream destinations.

But what to do when you have limited time already, like now that Father’s Day is only a few days ahead? Well, this can be a dilemma if you don’t know where to look for help. Thankfully, there are various stores and companies online that offer gifts for special occasions, including Father’s Day. There are also helpful lists and tips that you can read when looking for a gift to give your dad.

We offer a selection of popular gift ideas for Father’s Day, plus we’ll ship anything you purchase on that page free of charge!


electronicsIt’s been said that most men love electronics. This is why gadgets and electronic devices remain to be a favourite gift option. Choose a gadget that suits your father’s taste, or a device that he prefers to use or has always wanted to have.

But what if your dad is not technologically inclined? Fret not, for even the not-so-techy dads would appreciate a new smartphone, camera or laptop on their special day. After all, gadgets and electronic devices are always practical especially in today’s fast changing, tech-savvy world. If you are not tech-savvy yourself, you don’t have to worry as there are plenty of websites that offer useful buying guides on many kinds of gadgets available today. This option is also convenient as you can make a purchase quickly online or at any electronics store near you.

Suitcases, Bags and Travel Accessories

luggageIs your dad a frequent traveller? Why not surprise him with a gift that will make his travel experience more comfortable and easy? High quality suitcases or luggage are perfect for fathers who are typical business travellers, whilst comfy backpacks or duffel bags would suit their leisure travel needs. Consider the features, colour, size and capacity of the bag or luggage you’re planning to buy. If your dad likes bringing a lot of stuff when he travels, then a large or medium bag would be better.

There are many essential travel accessories that would serve as ideal Father’s Day gift items. Laptop bags, iPad cases, camera cases and other protective gear for gadgets are just a few examples. Water bottles and travel mugs are also common must-have travel items that you can consider buying for your dad. The important thing is to prioritise practicality and functionality when buying a travel gift item for him, whether he frequently travels interstate or abroad.


cookwareThis option would best suit a dad who loves to spend hours in the kitchen–cooking, baking, or simply experimenting! If this is your dad, then it would be nice to surprise him with a new kitchen tool to enhance his cooking experience. If you feel like being more generous, you can buy him a new appliance like a slow cooker or pressure cooker, especially if what he has is already waiting for replacement. Barbecue tools would be great, on the other hand, if he is fond of barbecue parties. Or why not try a new pizza maker or ice cream maker if he loves those popular treats?

Of course, even common items like frypans, knife sets, bowls and storage containers would be a welcome addition to your father’s kitchen. What’s important is to choose a product that he can use frequently and for a long time. Again, practicality is the key!


wineglassMen generally love to drink, not only during special occasions but also on ordinary days, like after a tiring day at work or on a relaxing weeknight. So giving your dad a bottle of special wine on Father’s Day is a fail-safe idea, and a bonus if you carefully select his favourite brand. To make it even more thoughtful, buy him a classy wine glass or two for a perfect drinking experience. If he loves beer, find beer glasses (a set would be best) to accompany your gift of his favourite beer. These special glasses would definitely come handy when he holds a party at home or when you have a drinking session together (now, that’s way more thoughtful!).

Exceptional Gifts

telescopeIf the gift ideas mentioned above don’t seem appealing to you, then you may be someone who prefers non-conventional gifts. Fortunately, Father’s Day is a great time for you to be creative in gift-giving. Still you have to take into account the personality and preference of your recipient, which in this case is your beloved dad. For instance, a dad who loves solving puzzles is likely to appreciate a Sudoku book or a set of jigsaw puzzles. If he is deeply interested in outer space, such as the moon and stars, then a telescope would be the perfect gift you could give him. Today it’s not difficult to find a quality but reasonably priced telescope to give to a special recipient. Just keep looking and you’re sure to find something great for dad on this day of tribute!

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