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The art of the jam jar

There is something entirely sweet, charming and just plain old traditional about making your own preserves. As well as being delicious for your own personal use, gifting your home-made produce can make an incredibly thoughtful gift idea for your nearest and dearest.

Once you have made, filled and sealed your jam jars with their content, turn them into more than just a conserve with these simple to master, tips and tricks.

Using Material

Decorative Jam Jar LidThe beauty of decorating a jam jar is that you are limited only by your imagination. From simple accents to eye-catching works of art, decorating jam jars is an achievable task for novices and experts alike.

Using material pieces to cover your jar lids and long rectangular pieces to wrap around the middle of the jar is a fantastic way to turn a plain glass jar into a sweet, homely decorative item. Whether you buy the material directly for this purpose, use scraps you have lying around or purchase a Fabric Jar Covering Kit, this is an easy way to put those final touches on your home-made preserves.

To apply, cut or use a piece of fabric large enough to cover the entirety of your lid area. Centre the fabric with the desired side facing upwards on top of the jar lid and secure with a rubber band. Then, simply tie a piece of coordinating string or ribbon around the jar lid to cover the rubber band.





Sweet Mustard PicklesLabelling is another fantastic way to tszuj up your jars. Hand-made or store-brought, they are ideal for providing your jars with both character, information and will bring a definitive personalised touch. Whether it’s wrapped around the top of the jar or stuck to the body, big in size or understated, it offers versatile creative options.

There are plenty of labelling options available. You can start with a fairly blank canvas, that allows you to put your own details and artistic finished to, or you can purchase already made and designed ones that liven up your jars aesthetic in the blink of an eye.






Make a gift set

Mango ChutneyAnother great way to turn a plain old jar of jam into a lovely gift is to combine it with complementary items as a set. Buy some crackers or bread, a nice cheese and tie together with pretty ribbon, or fasten a utensil like a spoon or knife to the jar with string.

As with all forms of jar decorating, the options and varieties are plentiful, so be creative, think outside the box and you’ll have plenty of ways to treat a special friend or family member to a thoughtful, personally tailored gift set.




Read our blog to learn more about preserving for beginners, the do’s and don’ts and find a recipe for making your own home-made jam!



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