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Food waste is a huge global problem right now – an estimated 1.3 billion tonnes is lost every year. That’s a staggering number, considering how much of the world’s resources goes into food production. There are many ways to reduce food waste, from the basics like buying only enough for your family’s consumption or the bigger steps like growing your own produce.

Everyone has a responsibility to make sure their own food waste is minimal, if not zero. How? The simpler, smaller steps can start right in your own kitchen. Kitchenware Direct offers a number of products that are highly useful in keeping food fresh, preventing them from going to waste.

Kitchen Craft Fruit & Vegetable Saver/Hugger

kitchen craft huggerMade of food-safe silicone, these simple yet ingenious savers serve a double function: keep food fresher for longer and reduce the use of plastics. Simply stretch one of these multi-coloured huggers over cut fruit or vegetables, or use them as lids for jars and containers. This means you won’t have to throw out dried-out lemon halves or wonder what to do with leftover avocados. Available in different sizes, these fruit and vegetable huggers will fit any number of sizes.

Prepara Herb Savor

prepara herb savorThe best way to keep herbs fresh is to never throw them in a sealed plastic bag and refrigerate. Herbs stay fresher when stored with their stems in a little water, like flowers in a vase. The Prepara Herb Savor does exactly that, allowing you to keep herbs in your refrigerator for up to 3 weeks without them wilting – even asparagus. A removable plug allows you to add more water, prolonging shelf life. Prepara even has a Mini Herb Savor handy for limited storage space.

Avanti Fruit and Vegetable Bags

avanti potato bagKeep fruits and vegetables fresh, as well as organised, with the use of the Avanti Onion Bag, Garlic Bag, Banana Bag or Potato Bag. With a zipped closing for maximum freshness, these bags keep out light and provide just enough air to discourage over-ripening, sprouting or rotting. These bags also keep dirt from your potatoes or onions in one place, so clean up is faster.

Keep Fresh Fruit N Vegetable Saver

keep fresh saverThe crisper drawer holds all of your fruits and vegetables until they’re ready for consumption. The longer they stay in there though, they naturally release ethylene gas, which in turn builds up and lessens nutrients in fresh food, while hastening deterioration. The Keep Fresh Fruit N Vegetable Saver is a clever little packet that prevents all these by removing up to 99% of ethylene gas. Simply slip it into your crisper and your food stays fresh for longer! With a lifespan of 3 months, the Keep Fresh Saver has Keep Fresh Refillable Packs for sale, so you can just keep using them year-round.

Sunbeam Vacuum Food Saver

sunbeam vacuum food saverThe ultimate way to keep food fresh for a long time is a vacuum food saver. Vacuum food savers remove air and moisture around food, sealing it in to prevent bacteria and mould growth, oxidisation or freezer burn. This method extends food freshness up to 5 times over, so you can be sure the food you buy is still perfectly edible in the weeks to come, and maximises storage space in your refrigerator. The Sunbeam Vacuum Food Saver is a worthy investment, with a built-in cutter for seamless use and easy packing.

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