4 Spooky Cupcake Designs for Halloween

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4 Spooky Cupcake Designs for Halloween, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating As Halloween comes knocking on our door, we’ve gathered together 4 spooky cupcake designs to make the coming parties as fun and creepy as possible!

The best thing about these halloween cupcakes is that these don’t require fancy tools or techniques. You just need your usual cupcake baking tools, a pastry bag, and every edible decorations you can get your hands on at the candy store. A few candies we recommend are: chocolate chips, sprinkles, licorice, marshmallows, cookies, fruit slices, gummy worms, and much more. Your imagination is the limit when decorating with these food pieces!

Chocolate Spider

This is one of those rare cases wherein your friends won’t freak out or run away upon seeing these six-legged creatures.

Halloween cupcake decoration: spiders

Halloween cupcake decoration: spiders

First, start with a cupcake with chocolate frosting. Cover it with chocolate sprinkles, and press two red candies for the spider’s eyes (jelly beans or round candies such as M&M or Skittles will do). Insert three pieces of black shoestring licorice on both sides of the cupcake for the legs, making sure that they dangle out of the cupcake. Licorice is the perfect candy for the spider’s legs, as it can easily be bent, making the spider look more realistic.

To make cute, big-eyed spiders instead, use marshmallows for the eyes and put a dot of dark-coloured icing for the pupils.

To make the spider look menacing, cut out two cone shapes from the marshmallows and attach them as fangs.

Variation: Prepare a vanilla-frosted chocolate cupcake. Top with two small chocolate-coated candies at the centre for the spider’s body. Attach four 1-inch black shoestring licorice as legs or simply pipe the legs on with icing.

Mummy Cupcakes

Mummy cupcakes are one of the simplest halloween cupcake designs you can make, but still, these remain a big hit at halloween parties. These bandage-wrapped treats will stare at you with their cute or creepy (you decide) eyes.

To make a mummy cupcake, start with a vanilla or chocolate cupcake. Get a pastry bag with a basket-weave/ribbon tip. Pipe on buttercream frosting across the cupcake top, overlapping the frosting so as to look like bandages. Pipe on red frosting for the eyes, and finish with two dots of black frosting for the pupils.

Grave cupcakes

Grave cupcakes make the Halloween come alive. Get a chocolate-frosted cupcake ready. Roll the cupcake tops in crushed chocolate cookies (such as Oreos) until completely covered; these will serve as the “dirt.”

Next, get a plain-tipped pastry bag and fill it with frosting. Pipe the words RIP or a cross on an oblong-shaped cookie as the “tombstone.”

Once finished, insert the tombstone on top of the cupcake. Place other edible decors such ghosts, bats, or gummy worms. To make a grass-covered dirt, tint coconut shreds with green colouring and sprinkle on the cupcake.

Cupcake Crawlers

This is a popular cupcake design for bug-loving kids.

To start, spread white frosting evenly around a cupcake using a spoon or an offset spatula. Use red M&M’s or similar candy pieces to make the centipede, with the candies overlapping a little. Take note that the candy for the head should be larger than those for the body. Pipe on chocolate frosting to trace the legs as well as the eyes of the centipede. Add chocolate sprinkles on the edges of the cupcake.

You can also use different colours for the M&M’s as desired or form other creatures, such as scorpions, using this method.

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