Top 6 Christmas Gift Ideas for Men and Women

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Why is it that when the Christmas season comes, days seem to pass more quickly? Now it’s only less than two weeks away, and most people are already struggling making plans and gift lists for this widely celebrated holiday.

Gift giving is a common practice at Christmas because it is, after all, the season of giving. Of course giving gifts is easy if you know the recipient well — say, a close friend or family member — and the things that he or she will most likely appreciate. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some parties and get togethers have random gift exchange, wherein participants are asked to bring gifts that will work for just anyone.

Now this can be a little tricky, especially if you’re not quite good at choosing and buying gifts. One useful advice to take is to choose practical unisex gifts. These types of gifts come in different forms: food, personal items, small appliances, etc. — and this means you’re actually left with more options than you think.

Check out this short list of unisex gift ideas that we’ve prepared, which consists of some of the most popular gifts that people prepare or buy for Christmas gift exchange. This list features a combination of homemade, inexpensive and generous gifts ideal for Christmas get togethers or for the simple idea of holiday gift giving. If you have more suggestions on the perfect unisex gifts to give this season, feel free to share your thoughts below!

Food And Wine Baskets

Food baskets are always favourable gift ideas because, well, what is Christmas without food? Food baskets offer versatility as you can fill these with any Christmas-worthy items like chocolates, gourmet snacks, cupcakes, biscuits, peanuts, wines, and more. It’s easy to find readily packaged food baskets today, but of course you can make one on your own. Depending on your budget you can include as many food items in the basket as you want. Putting a bottle of wine or two will make your Christmas basket all the more special.

Homemade Treats

Making your own treats at home to give as holiday gifts is thoughtful and spells effort in every way. If you’re into baking, then it’s even much better as you get to do the thing you love doing while participating in this season of giving. There are plenty of homemade treats that are popular during Christmastime, including chocolate truffles, cupcakes, chutneys, and more. Just remember to make these treats ahead of Christmas and use quality containers and jars for better presentation!

Homemade Cocktails

Do you think you can only give homemade treats as gifts? Think again. Homemade cocktails make wonderful and tasty holiday gifts as well, without having to break the bank. Men and women love these flavourful drinks that go well for any Christmas and summer party. Just purchase some decorative bottles for your cocktail creations, and you’ll have a set of lovely alcoholic drinks to give for the holidays. Check out these examples of homemade cocktail recipes which are great to make not only this Christmas but all year round.


Books always make excellent Christmas gifts as they appeal to young and old, guys and gals alike. But because you can easily purchase a book online or from the nearest bookstore doesn’t mean you should just pick a random book. It pays to read some reviews about a particular book that you’re planning to buy to see if it’s really “gift-worthy”, or choose something that has a broader target audience. Cookbooks, for instance, are great Christmas gifts as these can be used by people of any gender, though are most likely to be read by those who are really into food and cooking.

Travel Items

Today more and more people travel locally and abroad. This is why travel items are considerably practical gift ideas especially this Christmas season. Travel accessories are great to give during the holidays as they can be easily purchased and are not really expensive. The convenience that these items offer to people who go on trips makes them ideal as gifts provided they are bought with at least some “thought.” Of course pick those that are of neutral colours and can be used by both men and women. Small backpacks and travel bags, camera cases, passport holders and organisers are just some examples of popular travel gift ideas for this festive season.

Coffee and Tea Products

A lot of people love coffee and/or tea, so why not skip the usual Christmas hampers and opt for coffee and tea gift baskets instead? It’s easy to find one that will suit your budget, as many companies now offer a wide range of coffee and tea baskets online. There are specific coffee and tea products that make excellent gifts as well. If you like to be fancy, nothing is more perfect than espresso, coffee and tea makers, or teapots and tea sets. Yet even simpler items such as tea strainers and coffee mugs make practical unisex Christmas gift items too.

Of course there are many other Christmas gift ideas that you’ll find ideal for both men and women. Just keep in mind that during this season of giving, no matter how cliché it may sound, it’s the thought that really counts. Good luck and happy gift giving!

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