Tried and Tested Ways to Keep Drinks Colder, Longer

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Tried and Tested Ways to Keep Drinks Colder, Longer, 2.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings ice-cold beer bottles

When it comes to wines and beers, a lot of people agree that colder is better – thus the ubiquitous commercials of glistening, ice-cold bottles and endless experiments using a thermometer and various household items, all with the idea of finding the best way to make drinks colder, for a longer period.

Of course, even without the technology, men have been able to chill drinks the traditional methods. For outdoor camping, there’s the old-age dunking of bottles in rivers or streams, preferably with the bottle inserted in a sock and with the use of an anchor to hold it in place. Meanwhile, some bury the bottles in the ground; this isn’t as quick, but it definitely keeps the drinks cold for a longer period. The best spot for burying is where the soil is moist, somewhere in the shade and next to flowing water or, if there is none nearby, a pond or lake. Another method is to put the bottle inside a wet (hopefully clean) sock and hang it from a tree, fence post or other locations where it’ll be exposed to a strong breeze. The bottle will turn cold after 20-30 minutes, though obviously this doesn’t work on hot days.

Moving on to recent times, a number of inventions have popped out in the market, including self-chilling beer cans, beer chillers with gel insert, thermos can insulators and a lot more.


Conventional Methods

For a modern, no-nonsense approach, there are the fridge, ice cube trays and whiskey stones, as well as portable ice coolers that accommodate packs of drinks for picnics or outdoor parties. Others prefer individual wine coolers, which chill drinks in minutes and keep them cool for hours, and beer cozies.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Australian Synchroton, Helen Maynard-Cesley, shows a trick to keep the drinks colder, longer. Using the freezing point depression as a principle, Maynard-Cesley said that, “The recipe I came up with is to find a big tub like an esky or bucket and put in one cup of salt and three cups of water and then throw in loads and loads of ice.”

Adding salt (or as an alternative, washing powder) lowers the freezing temperature of water, which means water can get colder without turning into ice. This cools the bottle better than you would placing it beside a large chunk of ice or putting it in the freezer. All in all, you only have to wait for 2-5 minutes.

Another tip: To further speed up the chilling process, rapidly stir the bottle in the bucket.


Baby, It’s Cold Outside (and Inside, Too!)

Now it doesn't matter if the fridge has run out of ice!

Now it doesn’t matter if the fridge has run out of ice!

If you’re more of a modern-technology-is-here-so-let’s-use-it kind of consumer, then there’s plenty of good news for  you. Here are three glassware and wine accessory innovations which are right up the colder-drink alley:

  • Double the Walls, Double the Chill – These glasses, which have two – instead of the usual one – glass walls, work great on both hot and cold drinks. Compared to the usual glassware we’ve all grown accustomed to, the double wall design prevents the formation of condensation on the exterior of the glass, so your hands won’t get all wet and soppy while drinking.
  • Plug In the Cool – This has got to be one of the most creative and convenient ways to keep drinks colder for longer. The Chill Stick 3-in-1 by Vin Bouquet, for instance, singlehandedly eliminates the need for your fridge and ice bucket. By simply using the stick inside the container, the drinks are kept cold and flowing — it also serves as an anti-drip pourer and as a stopper! This leaves more time for drinking and enjoying time with friends and less time worrying about melting ice cubes all night long.
  • In with the Cold, Out with the Hot – It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to have drinks on your porch or inside the house. With specialized pitchers, such as the Serroni Unbreakable Pitcher on Ice, keeping drinks cold becomes easier. The pitcher is made from BPA-free polycarbonate and has an ice core which quickly fits in the lid. With a few simple steps, you can enjoy hours of ice-cold drinks as long as you want!


Do you know of more clever ways to keep your drinks cold? Do share them with us through the comment section below!

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