Wusthof Knives: Timeless Classics

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The Test of a Good Knife

Super Sharp Wusthof

They say that a true test of a good knife is when it has to cut through a pumpkin. We are not talking fancy carving here, but plain old cut the pumpkin to make some delicious soup kind of cutting. A good knife will have a pointy tip, a heavy hilt to drive the tip and a sharp blade to seal the deal. To test this theory last Halloween (how apt!), I road tested several 20cm chef’s knives on some pumpkins. I stood the pumpkin upright, angled the pointy tip at the top of the pumpkin and putting pressure on the hilt, drove the blade all the way down.

Now there were some that did the job well and some that struggled. But the winner for me was the Wusthof. I have the Shun and the Wusthof chef’s knives and love them both. But the Wusthof is the one I’ll save in a house fire. A knife is a cook’s prerogative and a personal choice. It has to suit the cook’s style of prepping. It has to be what the cook wants. It has to feel right. For me, that choice is the Wusthof.

Noted for its high quality products, Wusthof Trident of Solingen, Germany, has been a family-owned business for seven generations – since 1814. The European craftsmanship that’s behind these knives is practiced by a skilled team of 300 in the company’s state-of-the-art facilities. There are several series of this indispensible kitchen tool like the classic, the ikon and the culinar. But today I am going to talk about the Wusthof Classic 20cm cook’s knife.

Wusthof Classics are as traditional as European knives come. They feature thick bolsters with complete finger guards, triple-riveted full-tang handles, and multi-functional blade surfaces designed to cleave, crush and pound as efficiently as they cut. The 20cm knife is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. It has a heavy bolster (remember the pumpkin cutting?), finger guard (if you hold the knife right you will prevent many an injury) and a blade that slices through like butter. Quite literally!

Keeping the Knife in Great Condition

A good chef once told me that you sharpen a knife before every use. Just a couple of swipes against a sharpening iron will keep it in top shape. I do that diligently (at a 20 degree angle which is easy to do after a few tries) and my Wusthof serves me well because of that. With the exception of preparing sashimi, this knife cuts through stubborn root vegetables and rhubarb stalks with surprising ease. Cutting a chicken up has never been easier. Rocking and chopping motions both work well. Despite having a polished plain blade without a wave pattern, not much sticks to it.

Wusthof Knives: Standing the Test of Time

Wusthof Knife Closeup

I have been using it over a year and have not yet cut myself (thank God!) or chipped the blade (phew!) or seen a sign of rust.

I dutifully hand wash it after every use, wipe and store. What I love best about it is the bolster and the way it fits in my hand.

I am 5ft tall, yet this big knife feels right at home in my grip. And I love the fact that the blade with a thick top edge feels extremely sturdy.

For me knowing that I won’t accidentally chip or bend my blade if I exert some pressure is very important.

The Wusthof is timeless and classic just as it’s name suggests. Try a knife before you buy it.

That is the best way to find out whether it is the right fit for you, kind of like the wand choosing it’s master in Harry Potter. The right knife like the Wusthof will serve you well and you will hardly ever need another cutting tool.



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